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In brief I am a Canadian of Spanish -Mexican and Italian parents and now live full-time in Mexico.I am a passionate painter and  mosaicist. My new studio and gallery  is located in Puerto Vallarta and I will be offering classes starting in February 2022.

I have completed mosaic studies in Ravenna, Italy, Barcelona, Mexico... Visual Arts Capilano, ECIAD, UCFV, San Miguel de Allende...Oaxaca... etc.. lots of school :)

I am an enthusiast of colour, an artful aesthetic, modernism, and expressionism...

For more info and a brief bio please refer to PDF's to the left of this text. Thank you!

Hablamos español ... italiano... francés ...

My mosaic work has won awards with the Society of American Mosaic Artists, is in the collection of Francisco Toledo in Mexico and in collections across the US , Canada, Mexico and Europe.


Painting is also my passion and my work is also in collections across the US, Canada, and Mexico and by ABC Television.

CV & Artist Statement

Background Sculpture 1998
with Joseph Dajko "Barcelona Reflections"
Vancouver BC
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